Plant based recipe creator who’s passionate about our health and the health of our planet.

Story behind this food blog

I grew up in a small town in NSW, Australia eating a standard Australian diet where meat was the focus of every meal. This way of eating carried on as I went through university and into my early twenties. As I started to expand my mind out of the little bubble I was living in, I began to understand that my actions have consequences… What? Crazy I know!

I started to do some research and became obsessed with learning about nutrition. I had always loved cooking but I found a new love for it as I started to experiment with different ingredients and cooking methods. When I was 22 I met the love of my life, Rob. When we first met, we actually went to a burger place and both ordered double beef burgers, the thought of it makes me sick now but at the time we didn’t know the impact we were having.

After years of living a somewhat over-indulgent lifestyle, we quickly come to realise what a truely wasteful and immoderate world we live in, and immediately we began to change the way we lived to become more in tune and aware of the impact that we all have on the planet.

Rob came home one night after talking to a vegan colleague and suggested that we do some more research into the agriculture industry and the environmental impacts of farming livestock. That was all it took for us. We haven’t purchased any animal products since that night.

We both saw and felt the effects of eating plant based both mentally and physically and grew more and more passionate about our new lifestyle. I started my instagram page @_happyherbiore at the start of 2020 and found a new love for educating others and sharing my journey. The more research I did about the agriculture industry the more I learnt about the Earth’s systems and climate change. Learning became my new hobby and I can’t see myself ever giving it up.

It was through this research that I learnt about plastic and the devastating effects it is having on ecosystems around the world. So, it was my turn. I came home to Rob and I said “hey, I don’t want to buy plastic anymore.” and again we went all in. This challenge was more difficult than going plant based. Luckily I loved the challenge. Now not only do I choose to create food that is entirely made from plants, I also do it with ingredients that don’t come packaged in plastic.

Eating this way has now become second nature. I am a regular at my local bulk store, I have used my research to find stores that sell plastic-free items, I have grown to love making food from scratch, and Rob and I have started a business selling sustainably sourced lifestyle products. Through my instagram platform I have shared my tips and tricks on living a sustainable lifestyle and now I want to extend my knowledge to this blog.

I hope that this blog helps you find a love for eating in a way that protects the planet. Whether you choose the “all in” approach like we did or you are easing into this new transition, or you’re not vegan at all and you just want some delicious recipes; I hope you enjoy.

Stay sustainable beautiful people!


Nature is out biggest ally and greatest inspiration.

David attenborough
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